hello guys :)))) i’m leaving for norway as we speak, i’m going there on holiday with my sister, but I’m not sure if i’ll have internet so if you don’t see any new posts from me in the next 10 days it will be because of that, sorry!
hope you’re all doing great, love ya :))

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Moments when Jaime notices Brienne during A Storm of Swords.

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"Multa," inquit, "intervenient, propter quae et malus pro bono surrepat et bonus pro malo displiceat; 
f a l l a c e s  e n i m  s u n t  r e r u m  s p e c i e s, 
quibus credidimus."
          — L. Annaeus Seneca.

We heard the director thought you were perfect for the role of Bucky because you seemed like a typical bad boy, kind of like James Dean. Are you?
Absolutely not! It’s an incredibly flattering, amazing thing, but no. I always see myself as, like, Paul Rudd. But I grew up watching those iconic figures and I want to emulate them, but I don’t usually think of myself that way. I really laugh at myself a lot.

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get to know me meme: [5/5] favourite tv shows → orphan black


You’re all I have now. I love you.

little hideaways for a lonely heart

♥ 3109 — via keirwalker (originally rrue)
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do you like the person you’ve become?

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